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Savior of the World


Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov ( _ru. Василий Александрович Архипов) (1926-1999) was a Soviet naval officer. During the Cuban Missile Crisis he prevented the launch of a nuclear torpedo and therefore a possible nuclear war.

On October 27 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, a group of eleven United States Navy destroyers and the aircraft carrier USS “Randolph” entrapped a nuclear-armed Soviet Foxtrot class submarine B-59 near Cuba and started dropping practice depth charges, explosives intended to force the submarine to come to the surface for identification. Allegedly, the captain of the submarine, Valentin Grigorievitch Savitsky, believing that a war might already have started, prepared to launch a retaliatory nuclear-tipped torpedo.


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The Fierce Honey Badger

Source: The Wild Source

The honey badger (also known as the ratel) is a creature that has gained great fame for its fearless and relentless nature. One of the amazing characteristics of the honey badger is its propensity to devour poisonous prey including many of Africa’s most deadly snakes, scorpions and bees …

Snakes feature prominently as a large prey item that can provide most of the daily food requirement in one meal and the honey badger is not deterred by those that are considered to contain deadly venom. Cobras, black mambas and especially puff adders are regularly on the menu. The honey badger will attack at the head to make the kill and then consume it rather quickly from the head to tail. Even though the honey badger is a master snake killer sometimes the snake gets in a hit that should be deadly. In one of the continuing mysteries of the honey badger they have a certain immunity to venom that is not fully understood. Their very thick, rubbery, and loose skin probably is a help and they have been observed being bitten with no visible effects. Other times it appears very serious and the honey badger will curl up into a deep slumber but in two to three hours the badger will pop back up and consume the dead snake before trotting off. If the physiology behind this immunity could ever be deciphered it could provide a miracle drug for humans following dire snake bites.

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Dodging Bullets

Source: Aikido Shugyo – Gozo Shioda’s Autobiography, via The Aikido FAQ

Avoiding the concentrated fire of revolvers

Talking about weird things, let me talk about an extremely strange event. This is also something I actually witnessed with my own eyes.

One time an official from the munitions department of the army, together with 9 military personnel, came to visit the Ueshiba Dojo. They came to watch the wonderful art of Aikido that they had heard about. These people were arms inspectors. They tested new weapons and judged whether the sights were accurate or not. Their shooting ability was Olympic level, and I noticed that they hit the target every time.

Ueshiba Sensei, who had done a demonstration before these people that day, had claimed “Bullets cannot reach me.” I had, of course, previously heard that when he was in Mongolia he had avoided the bullets of horse-mounted brigands, but this was quite different.

The inspectors’ pride was hurt and they were quite angry.

“You’re sure that the bullets won’t touch you?”, they asked.

“Oh, no, they won’t.”

“Then would you like to try?”


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The Indestructible Michael Malloy

Source: Wikipedia

Michael Malloy was a homeless Irishman from County Donegal who lived in New York City during the early twentieth century. Although he was a former firefighter, he is most famous for having survived a number of attempts on his life by five acquaintances, who were attempting to commit insurance fraud.

The events that led to Malloy’s death began in January 1933. He was, at the time, alcoholic and homeless. Five men who were acquainted with him, Tony Marino, Joseph Murphy, Francis Pasqua, Hershey Green, and Daniel Kriesberg (later dubbed “the Murder Trust” by the headlines) plotted to take out three life insurance policies on Malloy and then get him to drink himself to death. The first part of the plot was successful, and they stood to gain over $3,500 (almost $57,000 by 2008’s standards by the CPI) if Malloy died an accidental death.

Marino owned a speakeasy and gave Malloy unlimited credit, thinking Malloy would abuse it and drink himself to death. Although Malloy drank for a majority of his waking day, it did not kill him. To remedy this, antifreeze was substituted for liquor, but still, Malloy would drink until he passed out, wake up, and came back for more.

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Pregnant … Without a Vagina?!

Source: ABC News

In 1988, a 15-year-old girl living in the small southern African nation of Lesotho came to local doctors with all the symptoms of a woman in labor. But the doctors were quickly puzzled because, upon examination, she didn’t have a vagina.

“Inspection of the vulva showed no vagina, only a shallow skin dimple,” so doctors delivered a healthy baby boy via Caesarean, the authors wrote in a case report published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Her birth defect—called Mullerian agenesis or Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome—didn’t necessarily surprise doctors, but her pregnancy did. Even the 15-year-old girl could not believe she was pregnant.

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More Supernatural Vignettes

Source: Reddit

So my friend from graduate school has a bone chilling story I’ll relate to you guys, even if it may be more of a third-hand account.

She says that before she was born her mother was with her two brothers in old 10 story building that had been cleared out and was soon to be demoed. They are hanging out in the building and having some drinks when they decide to each break up and search the building for random things that might be of value.

So she is walking from room to room around the 5th story when she hears one of her brothers call her name and it sounds like hes in the room right behind her.

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Something’s in the House

Source: Reddit

I was with my girlfriend and best mate at the time. Out of nowhere, he gets a call from his girlfriend, saying there was something in her house. Freaking out, we raced around there to find her outside, down her long driveway sitting on the road hysterically bawling her eyes out.

She was usually a composed, sensible young 22 year old woman, but she was a mess now. She couldn’t even speak properly, but managed to get the message out that ‘something was in her house’. The three of us that just arrived started to walk towards the house down the driveway to go check it out, at which stage I started to hear choking sounds. I turned to see my girlfriend had fallen to her knees, with her gaze fixed ahead on something down nearer the house, and she was choking and gasping for air. I ran back up beside her to help her, but she was unresponsive. I couldn’t get her to answer me when I asked her if she was alright, I tried to help her up but I couldn’t move her.

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