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Lan-k’o – A Chinese Folk Tale

Source: DeviantArt

In the province of Che-chiang, south of Chu-chou on the Divine Continent of Aparagodovaniya, stood a mountain 10,032 feet tall, and on it was a tip exactly 365 hands long and twenty-four cubits in circumference, so as to mimic the divine perfection of the 365 solar days and the 24 seasonal terms that the world was divided into. It was known as Lan-k’o Shan, the Rotted Axe Handle Mountain. And in the village at the foot of the great mountains dwelled a boy who was curious, and in his curiosity he would go to every adult he could find and ask them every question he could find.

And if the grass grows during the Jingzhe, when insects wake, why does it
Sleep in winter, when man still walks? Does it tire as a man or a lion tires?
Does it eat as a man eats? If man harvests the rice and the grain to feed
Himself, does the grass harvest man to feed himself and his children both?
For when man returns to the soil, does it not feed the grass as the man once-

And as the young curious boy spoke, the adults would flee at the very sound of his presence. They had wood to chop and rice to harvest, and their work was always beguiled by his idle speech and incessant questions. When the boy watched them would sometimes even follow them to their woods where they harvested lumber and to their rice paddies.

Finally, the boy did find an older man, a man who had the years of wizened service to himself and his village. The boy entered the man’ser hut and sat down.

He had mottled and leathery skin that looked as a rug from the West
And yet it had seen years of use;
a cobra who had forgotten to shed his skin
and be reborn.
His skin was old, but kept in good health;
an ancient bauble from the Celestial Court passed
down, but kept in a reliquary so as to preserve it.

The young boy asked the man many questions until the man smiled and answered them all, one by one. And then the young boy asked the old man about what the name of the mountain meant; why it was Lan-k’o Mountain (Axe-handle mountain). The man stared at the young boy for a long time before he told him.


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Curse of the Mothman

Source: Strange Experience: The Autobiography of a Hexenmeister, by Lee R. Gandee

I saw the Richard Gere movie The Mothman Prophecies when it came out in 2002, a movie based on John Keel’s 1975 book.

This was written in 1971, before Keel’s book was published. I felt a chill run down my spine when I realized this excerpt makes mention of the same events, including the Mothman (by a different name) and the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant.

In the Spiritualist vocabulary … familiar spirits are called “guides.” James Andrew knew his guides by name, and came to know as much about their background and personalities as he knew of his neighbors’. One was Elenipsico, who was murdered (along with his uncle, the great chief Cornstalk, and another great Shawnee chief) by treacherous whites at Point Pleasant, West Virginia, while on a peace mission.

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Walt Disney’s Last Words

Source: Starpulse

Actor Kurt Russell has confirmed the last two words movie mogul Walt Disney wrote before he died were the Death Proof star’s name.

It has long been rumored that Disney penned ‘Kurt’ and ‘Russell’ just before he passed away in 1966. Russell was a child actor signed to the studio at the time.

During a recent appearance on US TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live, the 56-year-old Russell confirmed the urban legend as fact.

He said, “It’s true. I don’t know what to make of that. I was taken into his office one time after he died and I was shown that.”

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The Portal

Source: Reddit

[I’m a] senior in high school and my pretty passionate English teacher told me the following story one day after class (just him and i in the classroom). He was hesitant at first, which you’ll understand why soon.

He told me a story of how him and friend of his decided to go out one night for a walk, no particular reason. They were headed back while in a grass field when everything went cold and silent. They both froze. Couldn’t move. What he could only describe as a “portal” opened up in front of them. A dark, black, doorway.

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“That is a Lie.”

Source: You Forever, by T. Lobsang Rampa

Death is a rather long drawn-out affair. No matter how a person dies, no matter if a person is beheaded even, death does not take place for some moments after. The brain, as we have seen, is a storage cell generating electric current. The blood supplies the chemicals, the moisture and metallic ores, and inevitably these ingredients become stored in the tissue of the brain. Thus the brain can continue to function for from three to five minutes after clinical death. It is said by some people that this or that form of execution is instantaneous, but that, of course is ridiculous. As we have seen, even if the head is completely severed from the body, the brain can still function for from three to five minutes.

There is a case which was actually witnessed and carefully chronicled in the days of the French Revolution. A so-called traitor had been beheaded and the executioner reached down and lifted up the head by the hair, saying as he did so, “This is the head of a traitor.”

People in the audience—executions in those days were public and also a public holiday—were alarmed when the lips formed the soundless words, “That is a lie.” That can actually be seen in the records of the French Government.

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Jospeh of Cupertino, the Flying Saint

Source: Wikipedia

On October 4, 1630, the town of Cupertino held a procession on the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi. Joseph was assisting in the procession when he suddenly soared into the sky, where he remained hovering over the crowd. When he descended and realized what had happened, he became so embarrassed that he fled to his mother’s house and hid. This was the first of many flights, which soon earned him the nickname “The Flying Saint.”

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Memories of Earth

Source: Out of Body Experiences: How to Have Them and What to Expect

[This] experience happened when I was a little older, perhaps 14 or 15. I used to have playful wrestling matches with two other boys.

One day we were talking about wrestling, and got on the subject of the world-famous wrestling hold called “the sleeper hold.” The hold would knock an opponent out by cutting off blood circulation to the brain. Anyway, we all wondered what it would be like to be knocked out. FD was the strongest of the three and the third boy was afraid, so I agreed to let FD knock me out with a bear-hug.

We went outside and he gave me the strongest bear-hug I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t breathe and soon became unconscious. It was like waking from a dream; this world was a dream and I awoke to a reality more real and vivid than this world is. I saw the illusion of this existence on Earth dispelled! It faded away and I didn’t regret it. Soon I found myself in the “real” world in a huge city that I already knew.

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