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Good Karma

Source: Reddit

I was on my way to a temporary interview. A woman has a flat tire on the freeway.

I stop and change it, refuse payment. Show up at interview with wet pants and jacket. Oil on my coat.

Woman conducting interview walks in and without pausing said “You’ve got the job.”

Woman I changed the tire for.


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Lady in Blue

Source: Texas Escapes

For longer than anyone can remember, the story of “the lady in blue” has existed on the fringes of East Texas history and religion.

It supposedly began around 1639 when fifty members of the Jumano Indian tribe came to Mission Corpus Christi de la Isleta south of El Paso and asked for instructions in the Catholic faith.

When the astonished padres asked the Indians what motivated them to come to Isleta, they said their people living in East Texas had been visited by a beautiful lady who always wore a blue habit and taught them religion in their own language. The lady in blue, they said, urged them to search out missionaries to hear the word of God and be baptized.

At the time, Isleta and another mission, Nuestra Senora de Socorro, were originally in Mexico, but a change in the course of the Rio Grande River placed them on Texas soil.

Through his work, Father Alfonso de Benavides learned that Mother Maria de Jesus de Agreda, a cloistered abbess who lived in Spain, was the lady in blue.

Often consulted by King Phillip IV, Mother Maria said she visited the new world in a manner known as “bi-location,” a phenomena that allows one individual to appear personally in two places at the same time.

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I Played Russian Roulette

Source: Reddit

This event has completely changed my life. I don’t recommend it to anyone, and I have to tell you I am very, very glad I did not shot myself. This isn’t a solution, and I wish I could have had serious help before actually getting to this point.

At 17 I only thought about one thing: dying. My life was as close as possible to hell as an American could imagine it. I was severily bullied in high school, I had very few friends, my parents were abusive and irresponsible (drugs, beat me, refuse to feed me, etc) and about every part of my life sucked. I spent every living moment thinking about dying and how I would do it. And I hated that because deep-downed I did not want to die.

I would sometimes wake up at the middle of the night and have an impulse to kill or hurt myself. I felt like I was a burden to everyone since childhood and saw no way my life could improve. I hated my life, and hated my life even more for wanting to die. I wanted it to stop. Every day I would think about dying and then I would remind myself that there were people who were dying of illnesses and that I was an hypocrite, making the pain even worse.

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This Sublime Life

There are a lot of interesting stories of real-life people out there that I run across from time to time. I decided that I wanted to have a place to post them, for inspiration or reflection or just to remind me that real life is much more than the strictures of my ordinary reality, that there are so many experiences of people that fall through the cracks, that lie off the beaten path, that fall outside the average person’s radar, but they’re all still so, so important.

None of these posts will be from my own experience; that belongs in my regular blog, The Edge of Grace.

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