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Martial Arts vs. the Gun

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Twenty years ago I decided to go to China to continue my traditional martial arts training. I lived in a smaller city in a rural province and hooked up with a group of Xingyi practioners in their mid 50’s – 80’s who had reps for their abilities.

My teacher brought me over to his teacher’s house one day and we hit it off well and later he invited to come visit him. When I got there he got pretty excited telling me he wanted to teach me, that my teacher didn’t know crap, that he could defeat him instantly and I should study with him. I said I would like to study Xingyi with him. His response was “Xingyi — Bah — I want to teach you real fighting.” That surprised me that the top Xingyi dog in town didn’t equate Xingyi with real fighting.

Unfortunately his wife, who was the head coach for the provincal Wushu program and later invited me to study Tai Chi with her, got word to me she didn’t want me to come over because her husband had a bad heart and got too excited when he was showing me things.


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