Curse of the Mothman

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Source: Strange Experience: The Autobiography of a Hexenmeister, by Lee R. Gandee

I saw the Richard Gere movie The Mothman Prophecies when it came out in 2002, a movie based on John Keel’s 1975 book.

This was written in 1971, before Keel’s book was published. I felt a chill run down my spine when I realized this excerpt makes mention of the same events, including the Mothman (by a different name) and the collapse of the Silver Bridge in Point Pleasant.

In the Spiritualist vocabulary … familiar spirits are called “guides.” James Andrew knew his guides by name, and came to know as much about their background and personalities as he knew of his neighbors’. One was Elenipsico, who was murdered (along with his uncle, the great chief Cornstalk, and another great Shawnee chief) by treacherous whites at Point Pleasant, West Virginia, while on a peace mission.

When James Andrew began working in Point Pleasant, Elenipsico earnestly entreated him not to live there, so he bought a home in Henderson, across the Kanawha River. The Indian told him that after the murders, the Shawnee medicine men held a great solemn pow-wow, and placed a curse on Point Pleasant, not to be lifted for three hundred years—one century of misfortune and calamity for each life taken.

Indeed, the place has seen tragedies. Though its location should have made it a great city at least as large as Pittsburgh or Cincinnati, it is to this day a small, unfortunate place where industries come to grief through fire, explosion, flood, or human error. Only a few years ago, its main bridge collapsed and drowned scores of persons in the Ohio river. Elenipsico’s word seems to keep holding true: the curse still has over a century to last, but when it lifts at the time stated, beginning in the year 2091, Point Pleasant, West Virginia, will mushroom into the principal city on the Ohio River. Before that, however, possibly in the bicentennial year of the murders, the river will destroy as it did in the Ohio flood legend of the Shawnees, covering the valley from hillside to hillside; and the floodwalls will be like barriers of sand that children build to hold back the sea. There have been many floods along the Ohio, but no white man has experienced any like the great flood the Shawnee legend speaks of, nor can he imagine the one of the Shawnee prophecy. People along the river tell of sighting the great Spirit-Birds. It is almost time for another catastrophe. Woe to poor Point Pleasant!


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