The Portal

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[I’m a] senior in high school and my pretty passionate English teacher told me the following story one day after class (just him and i in the classroom). He was hesitant at first, which you’ll understand why soon.

He told me a story of how him and friend of his decided to go out one night for a walk, no particular reason. They were headed back while in a grass field when everything went cold and silent. They both froze. Couldn’t move. What he could only describe as a “portal” opened up in front of them. A dark, black, doorway.

He went on to tell me about all the thoughts that went through his head at that moment in time, which didn’t actually last that long. He felt that he had a choice. He felt he was given an opportunity to see something amazing. But he had no guarantees. He didn’t want to go in fear that he wouldn’t ever come back to his life, family, etc. He had to decide quickly though, as the portal was closing (or perhaps he just felt/knew it was going to be gone soon, something mental).

He just couldn’t do it. The portal disappeared, the air warmed, and sound returned. He could move, but not his friend. He shook his friend out of his froze state, and continued home.

His friend didn’t speak for the rest of the night, and has not mentioned what happened that night, since. And the teacher clearly regretted not entering.

Throughout the entire time he told this story, he was looking out into nothing. Once he started, he was more reliving the story out loud to himself, then telling it to me. This teacher was my favorite teacher. He was honest, open, and just wanted to teach the kids as well as he could (this was one of those classes with students who just don’t want to be there, who are in gangs, pregnant, etc). There was something else about him, i wouldn’t say he was “special” (think savant, whatever), but he was most certainly different in his mannerisms. The way he spoke, the way he looked, moved. One could say he acted like he had seen something more, but was still trying to live a ‘normal’ life.

I’ve often thought about trying to track him down and chatting with him. Basically ask him straight up “Was that portal story fucking BS or what.” over some drinks.


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