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There was a douche at my school who was rich and his parents controlled the school board at the time. He never got in trouble (even the teachers feared him). Oh, and he was a big time racist (guess what, he eventually became town sheriff) and he would flaunt his racist power to anyone and everyone.

The final straw was when he slapped down the books of a chinese girl in one of the high school halls during break and said “You belong in a nail salon chink” and when the girl tried to pick up her books he fucking kicked her in the face.

Something happened in the air, people (EVERYONE) suddenly surrounded him, unable to put up with his bullshit any longer, and gang beat him. I was at my locker at the time and saw the whole thing go down. People were out for blood and punching/kicking/pulling every part of him.

The douche had to go to the hospital on a stretcher and from what I’ve heard that every limb needed a cast. He changed to a private school and while the principal tried to get people to come forward, no one did. I am opposed to violence, but there was something so right about this incident…


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