Your First Instinct is Not Always Best

April 18, 2010 at 3:22 pm Leave a comment

Source: Reddit

In grade school we would go out for recess, but stay in on rainy days in the classroom, supposedly behaving while the teachers had lunch in their lunchroom. My friend and I got the brilliant idea to play racewalk tag, and the projector cart was base. He grabbed a 1 liter Crayola poster paint bottle off the stand claiming to still be on base while wandering around, and I said you couldn’t do that, and he said “okay” and lobbed it at me. It was a lot heavier than I thought, and it went right through my hands and cracked open. It was full with black paint, and we had orange indoor/outdoor carpeting.

We freaked out and poured a full watering can (windowsill plants) all over it, scrubbing it with paper towels that were shredding into white fuzz. We were spreading the black goo and its carpet spot all over to several feet in diameter. Then one kid ran over with a box of powder Spic and Span and dumped it all over the floor and our hands. Someone got more water and dumped it over the whole mess. We scrubbed furiously. By the time the teacher returned, there was a giant area covered in a foot-tall dome of white foam suds with black streaks all through it, and we were soaked and filthy. The teacher was so furious, she unfolded into a giant mech robot and tried to murder us.


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The 20-Mile Walk Revenge

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