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Your First Instinct is Not Always Best

Source: Reddit

In grade school we would go out for recess, but stay in on rainy days in the classroom, supposedly behaving while the teachers had lunch in their lunchroom. My friend and I got the brilliant idea to play racewalk tag, and the projector cart was base. He grabbed a 1 liter Crayola poster paint bottle off the stand claiming to still be on base while wandering around, and I said you couldn’t do that, and he said “okay” and lobbed it at me. It was a lot heavier than I thought, and it went right through my hands and cracked open. It was full with black paint, and we had orange indoor/outdoor carpeting.


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The 20-Mile Walk

Source: Reddit

Well, before I went to undergrad, I was homeless. I was 17 years old and hadn’t been in school since I was 12 (I was home schooled and my parents divorced). I had no transcripts, no GED, and no family in the state. Some friends of mine were visiting a university in a neighboring state and I joined them. I discovered that because my mother (whom I hadn’t spoken with in a year) lived in that state, I could get grants to go there. I returned to the broken-down Pontiac Grand Am I was sleeping in, determined to go to that university. The first thing I had to do was get a GED. The nearest testing site was over 20 miles away. I didn’t have any friends who were willing to drive me there, and as previously mentioned, the car was broken down. So I walked there, took the first days test, and walked most of the way back before a cop picked me up because he’d heard reports of someone walking down the side of the interstate. Fortunately, the cop took mercy on me and drove me to my broke-down car.

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Ralph Fiennes in Schindler’s List

Source: Time

In the Steven Spielberg movie Schindler’s List, Plaszow death camp commandant Amon Goeth was played by British actor Ralph Fiennes.

[Spielberg] met Fiennes and tested him for Goeth. “Ralph did three takes. I still, to this day, haven’t seen Take 2 or 3. He was absolutely brilliant,” the director says. “After seeing Take 1, I knew he was Amon.” In Fiennes’ eyes, Spielberg says, “I saw sexual evil. It is all about subtlety: there were moments of kindness that would move across his eyes and then instantly run cold.”

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Slapstick in Nature

Source: Tom Brown’s Field Guide to Nature Observation and Tracking, by Tom Brown, Jr.

I tend to smile a lot when I’m stalking because I see so many funny things. Once I saw a deer trip himself by getting a hoof caught in an antler while trying to scratch his ear, and I nearly fell over laughing.

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“That is a Lie.”

Source: You Forever, by T. Lobsang Rampa

Death is a rather long drawn-out affair. No matter how a person dies, no matter if a person is beheaded even, death does not take place for some moments after. The brain, as we have seen, is a storage cell generating electric current. The blood supplies the chemicals, the moisture and metallic ores, and inevitably these ingredients become stored in the tissue of the brain. Thus the brain can continue to function for from three to five minutes after clinical death. It is said by some people that this or that form of execution is instantaneous, but that, of course is ridiculous. As we have seen, even if the head is completely severed from the body, the brain can still function for from three to five minutes.

There is a case which was actually witnessed and carefully chronicled in the days of the French Revolution. A so-called traitor had been beheaded and the executioner reached down and lifted up the head by the hair, saying as he did so, “This is the head of a traitor.”

People in the audience—executions in those days were public and also a public holiday—were alarmed when the lips formed the soundless words, “That is a lie.” That can actually be seen in the records of the French Government.

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Not Exactly the Pick of the Litter

Source: Not Always Right

(One of my regulars comes to my cash with her small child. The mother is very much pregnant.)

Me: “Oh hello, [mother] and [daughter], how are you today?”

Customer: “We’re great!” *turns to daughter* “Tell [me] what Mommy is going to have in September!”

Customer’s daughter: “A baby!”

Me: “Really? What do you hope it’ll be?”

Customer’s Daughter: “A puppy!”

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