Survivor of the LA Riots

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I am a person who lived through the L.A. riots and saw people accosted, burned and murdered.

I was 18, working a job in Inglewood/Southern Los Angeles border when the riots broke out around 2pm (ish?). I had to travel by car to my apartment in Long Beach where riots also broke out massively.

It was a non-stop 7 day, chaotic fuckwad of violence. When I left work that day, I was the first to leave the office because I KNEW shit would go down. My boss just shrugged.

I get on the 405 freeway at Manchester to find it at a standstill and I kid you NOT, rioters were CLIMBING the freeway embankments down ONTO the freeway and busting in windows of cars, pulling them out!!!

I got onto the left dirt shoulder as there was no carpool at the time on the 405 there and drove in the dirt to get clear of that shit. I didn’t even look in my rear view mirror.

… Once I got into Long Beach (where I still live incidentally), I had to travel surface streets to get home and that’s where I saw a 20-something year old white guy on a motorcycle being pulled off his bike.

His helmet was on but his visor was open and I met eyes with him only about 30 feet away. I saw TRUE terror and I felt cold all over and bile in my mouth. I never felt that before.

Before I knew it, another crew of people came rushing to my car for what I assume was me as a ‘witness’ or non-colored person and I floored my 6 cyclinder turbo Subaru XT-6 out of there as fast as I could.

The image of him disappearing underneath them and his bike falling still haunts me. There were NO cops ANYWHERE. There was no way to get a hold of 911, NOTHING. I didn’t have a cell phone back then and I feel like shit but I didn’t want to die too. I did call to report what I saw but 911 had a fucking busy signal (wtf!!). 😦

Lots of situations were just plain sad like the Antique clockstore owner next to our record store who cried when he found his shop looted. He was an older immigrant from Poland and he just cried in his hands.

The military tanks on 4th street just ignored the fights breaking out around them, leaving us to deal with it.


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