Something’s in the House

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I was with my girlfriend and best mate at the time. Out of nowhere, he gets a call from his girlfriend, saying there was something in her house. Freaking out, we raced around there to find her outside, down her long driveway sitting on the road hysterically bawling her eyes out.

She was usually a composed, sensible young 22 year old woman, but she was a mess now. She couldn’t even speak properly, but managed to get the message out that ‘something was in her house’. The three of us that just arrived started to walk towards the house down the driveway to go check it out, at which stage I started to hear choking sounds. I turned to see my girlfriend had fallen to her knees, with her gaze fixed ahead on something down nearer the house, and she was choking and gasping for air. I ran back up beside her to help her, but she was unresponsive. I couldn’t get her to answer me when I asked her if she was alright, I tried to help her up but I couldn’t move her.

I moved around in front of her and as soon as I broke the gaze with whatever she was looking at, she just snapped out of it and came to, and instantly she started sobbing uncontrollably too. She managed to get out that there was some sort of hazy cloud she was looking at, and me and my friend quickly dragged her back over to the road. As we got to the curb, she turned to look back and caught a glimpse of it again. Me and my mate couldn’t see a thing, but it took hold of her again, and she stopped breathing. This time I couldn’t stop her looking. I stood in the way and she forcibly looked around me to keep eye contact with it. I tried to twist her head away from looking but it was unusually strong and I couldn’t. It ended up taking me and my solid 6″2 mate to drag her up and away behind another tree before she’d stop looking and she caught her breath.

By this time, everyone was freaking out like crazy. The other girl who lived there hadn’t mentioned anything about a haze she was looking at, and she was still just sitting, crying on the kerb.. She came to console my gf who was now further up the road.

At this stage, my mate and I wandered back towards the house, trying to work out wtf was going on. It felt cold. The closer we got, the more our hairs stood on edge, and that kind of impending doom feeling set in. We pushed through and got to the front door. I stepped inside, and the atmosphere was like you’re in the middle of a horror movie. I don’t know why, but it just felt evil inside. I started to move into the house and my mate just yelled at me to stop. Something under the clothes horse (like a mini indoor clothes line) was shaking. There was a towel over the top, and nothing visible underneath it. My mate, without thinking and on a pure adrenaline rush ran over to it and kicked it across the room. There was nothing underneath it, but we felt like a cool rush of air and then the whole feeling and atmosphere vanished.

After much deliberating and discussion and freaking out, we eventually got the girls and headed back inside thinking it was all over. No sooner had we walked in the door and the girls caught sight of the clothes horse across the room, and both the girls this time, collapsed where they stood, effectively suffocating and struggling to breath again. Deciding enough was well enough, my mate and I dragged them both outside to the car, put them in, shut the house door and left.

The girl who lived there returned several days later to pack her things, and she was out of the house within a week. There was no problems once she returned, but the other 3 of us have never—and will never—return.

Over the following weeks, things for the girls started to change. After the girl had moved from her house (my mates girlfriend), she started to withdraw from people in general. She started to get angry as time went by. She kinda ended up trying to deny anything had happened on that night, and that she didn’t really remember anything, just that she’d gone through an emotional time. She didn’t wanna talk about it, she wanted to forget it. As weeks went on, things became worse for her. She ended up calling off the engagement to my mate within 2 months of what had happened, without any real reason after a happy 4 year relationship. She drew back from our group altogether, and slowly broke contact with any of us. I’ve seen her once or twice in the street since then, and to be honest, she looks like the life has drained from her. She was always frowning, and always angry, always looking like she had nothing left to live for.. she was never like that before.

As for my girlfriend, she was convinced something weird had happened, and didn’t just try to ignore it. She vividly remembers the whole encounter, and remembers something taking control of her eyes, and it wouldn’t let her look away. She described what she saw as a purpley-blue hazey cloud. Weird right? Things for her started to turn nasty too after this event, but more in a physical type sense. She started waking up in the middle of the night to what she thought were weird shapes coming out of her walls, she’d wake up and hear nasty song lyrics about suicide being played through the house, but there was no stereo on.. crazy things like that. She eventually couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go see a counsellor at the local church about it, thinking it was something evil.

I took her in, and the pastor started to go through some things with her, about things she’d seen and done, and it turns out she’d dabbled in some weird occult stuff before – so she thought it may have been somewhat related. I remember she started to pray, asking my gf to pray with her, and basically renouncing and talking back against any things that she’d been involved with.

I remember she got to one line.. it was like a repeat after me thing.. and while I can’t remember the exact line, it was something about astral portals.. as soon as the pastor said astral portals, my girlfriends eyes just glazed over, like all of a sudden she was empty.. and the choking started again.. oh man, I freaked.. told the pastor to fix her, and ran out of the room.. it was too much for me to sit there and watch.. I was panicking, but eventually heard her snap out of it, and the pastor decided not to push anymore.. they came out, my GF as right as rain, which was quite bizarre.

On the way home, we started to talk about it, I asked her what had happened, and she started to take on the role of the original girl who’d lived in the house. She decided she didn’t wanna talk about it, and started to deny anything had happened and that she’d just been going through a hard time lately and that it was nothing.

2 months later, we were broken up.. she started to get angry, depressed.. she didn’t wanna be around people, and eventually she pushed me and most of her friends out of her life.. we went our separate ways, and I still haven’t spoken to her since then.

Me and my mate on the other hand, were never affected. We’re still happy and living life, he is now re-engaged to another nice woman, it was just the two girls.. that copped it bad, for whatever reason.


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