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So my friend from graduate school has a bone chilling story I’ll relate to you guys, even if it may be more of a third-hand account.

She says that before she was born her mother was with her two brothers in old 10 story building that had been cleared out and was soon to be demoed. They are hanging out in the building and having some drinks when they decide to each break up and search the building for random things that might be of value.

So she is walking from room to room around the 5th story when she hears one of her brothers call her name and it sounds like hes in the room right behind her.

Just as shes turning around and expecting to see her brother, she sees through the doorway to the window on the other side of the room. At this point she sees the body of her brother fly right past the window. She screams for her other brother as she starts to run to the ground level.

When she gets there her brother, who had just fallen 10 stories, stands up and says, “I fell”. Immediately after he collapses and is pronounced dead at the scene.

My friends mom believes that he told her this because he wanted her to know that he didn’t commit suicide.

I witnessed my cousin falling out of a tree once; it was surreal. Now this wasn’t any ordinary tree fall, I’ve seen him tumble many a time out of a decent sized tree, 15, maby 25 feet tops, but he always managed to catch himself on a lower branch and cushion his fall on pine needles on the ground. One time, however, he was scaling a huge pine; he managed to get all the way to the top which was about 60 feet in the air. He sat on the pinnacle branch and celebrated for a second before attempting to get down, which is where he encountered difficulty.. He missed his footing on that branch and fell straight out of the tree, missing every branch. To my relief and amazement he seemed to fall slower than he should have, reaching the ground with minimal velocity and softly thudding to the forest floor. He got up and said “Did you see that?!” I said “of course I saw that, what the hell happened?” He had no other explanation other than telling me that a “man with wings” helped him down.. I was about 14 at the time and he was about 16. To this day I still think about that; it gives me goosebumps.

This was a story my dad passed down to me from when he was in medical school in China (Chongqing 3rd Medical School).

Apparently they were conducting a study about supernatural or 6th talent individuals. They found about 5-6 kids out of a province of maybe 30-40 million who, believe it or not, could read with their ears. Albeit they might have found more had they had today’s technology and resources.

They did tests where they wrote sentences on paper and rolled them up and put them in their ears. The kids were able to write down the sentences perfectly without needing to look at the paper.

I know it’s not a crazy ass skill like passing through walls or breathing underwater but I definitely believe there is more to the human race than what we know now.

P.S A few of the kids discovered this ability after their parents forced them to go to bed. However, they would just put the reading material under their pillows and read with their ears.

When I was in High school, I was taking a walk with my health teacher around the parking lot. Mind you, she was about 75 years old. Anyway, some kid driving a Nissan Maxima wasn’t looking and ran over a girl in the parking lot. I was just in kind of a panic, but the health teacher quickly ran over and lifted the car by her self as the driver helped pull the girl out from underneath.

The instructor explained it to me as an adrenaline rush (If I remember correctly). That shit was crazy!

When I was in elementary school (1990s) I could have sworn that time rewound itself by several years and I was back to being a toddler. Like I spontaneously went back in time but only remembered bits and pieces of the future; I had lots and lots of deja vu getting through elementary…significant points in my life felt too…familiar.

Whenever I had a strong sense of deja vu, I just accepted it as part of destiny–an inevitable event. The scary part was that I think it happened a second and maybe third time around the same age. It was like I was stuck in a loop living my childhood over and over unable to change any life events because I wouldn’t quite remember the events until the moment it happened. Having deja vu of having deja vu of an event. Things like remembering a toy I never had before when I just received it.

Until one day I had this weird feeling, and I was afraid time would repeat itself again. I remember looking at a flashing led watch and willing myself to stay in the present.

Needless to say, I guess I broke out of the loop and continued on to the horrors of middle school and high school where everything felt new. Now I’m in college. If this is the matrix, there must be some kind of while loop code that was fucking around with me…(I’m currently studying to become a software engineer). It was the only supernatural experience I ever had.

Once back in 7th grade I had some serious deja vu while I was in school. I was waiting on the lunch line and my friend made a unique comment (about pretzels or some bullshit) that I knew I had heard before. Next, I saw a girl stumble and bump into a group of students. This blew my mind and I knew I had seen this before. So I turn to my friend (still my best friend up to date) and I rehearse what a teacher passing by is about to say. 10 seconds later the teacher passes and says exactly what I said word for word. My friend was speechless. By far the most intense deja vu I have ever experienced.

7am on the day the local ‘SAT’ test was being taken. A close friend had to take it that day. She was on a cab, just leaving her house, 45 minutes away from the testing center. I wake up with this STRONG feeling she had gone out of her house without her id. Without it she would not be allowed to take the test and would have to wait a year to retake. To this day (20 years) she swears she heard me saying ‘go back and get your id’.

A few years ago my Samoan wife went back and spent some time in Samoa. While she was there a girl who, I believe, was a distant relative started to get sick. Eventually she lost the use of her legs. Conventional medicine couldn’t do anything for her, doctors couldn’t see what was wrong with her.

At this point a Samoan medicine woman got involved. Mostly the medicine women are like the wise women of European history. They’re good at herbal remedies and at therapeutic massage. However some deal with spiritual as well as temporal ailments. In this case a medicine woman said the girl was possessed, and that she needed to exorcise the spirit possessing her.

This is where my wife got involved. She’s pretty skeptical, as I am, but was interested to see what an exorcism involved, as she’d never seen one. So she went along to watch.

The medicine woman put the girl to sleep on the floor. Apparently, in Samoa, when a person is possessed there is some physical manifestation of the possession. The medicine woman said in this case the physical manifestation appeared to be a huge tumour on the girl’s thigh. She stood on the tumour and, suddenly, the girl, who still appeared to be asleep, started talking in a man’s voice. My wife said all the hairs on the back of her neck almost went into orbit.

The man told everyone assembled that he’d possessed the girl because she was supposed to be looking after his children but had been neglecting them or mistreating them. My wife didn’t understood the details but apparently the locals did, they knew the background.

The man gave his name. It turned out his body was buried in a tomb at the front of the property (in Samoa most land belongs to the extended family and can never be bought or sold so it’s common to bury people on their land rather than in graveyards). The medicine woman asked him to quit the girl but he refused so she threatened to open his tomb and boil his bones if he didn’t. At that he said he was leaving. As soon as he said this, my wife said all the village dogs, that had been lying about in the sun, suddenly jumped up and started barking madly. They took off running, barking and chasing something no-one could see, all the way to the tomb.

When the girl woke up she started to get better. The tumour was gone and she was able to walk again. Very soon it was as if she hadn’t been sick at all.

My wife might be skeptical but she said what she saw and heard that day made her skin crawl. She has no explanation for what happened.


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