The Reform School From Hell

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I was in a special and extremely controversial therapeutic school in the U.S for two years. Everyone was in there for different reasons. I was primarily there because of my tendency to fight back against authority figures combined with my parents being complete and utter idiots/selfish people. I say this because that had absolutely no idea what kind of shit this place pulled. That it had been investigated numerous times. That there had been allegations of students dying there due to their “treatment.” It was way worse before I got there, but it was still bad at the time I got there. In fact, the “treatment” method I’m about to describe is no longer employed there as several states that sent kids there started pulling them out, or threatening to do so if the school didn’t change it’s methods.

Either way, the school was divided into three houses of about 55 kids a piece. They operated separately and you didn’t really communicate with kids in the other houses. The only time you got together were for really good reasons, or really bad reasons. Now, to set the tone of this, my house was fucking whacked out. A month prior a former resident had just been caught after murdering his mother with a sledgehammer. He had left maybe three months before I got there, but most of the house knew him. We had a bunch of kids try unsuccessfully to run away, leaving our house in almost perpetual lock down. In this program, when a kid started acting out, they would be put in the corner. Basically, you sat in a chair all day and stared at a corner. One to two other residents watched you and if you tried to get up, or move in any way, or cause problems, you were put in restraints. I once saw a kid stay in the corner for like 40 days straight. Eventually, they had to start walking him around periodically, because the muscles in his legs were starting to become so weak from lack of use. Well, they had a special kind of punishment called “the ring” for people who became violent. At one point, two kids were acting out, one extremely violently. He would try to piss on people, throw shit on them, even sit there and try to jack off on them. Crazy ass shit. Same kid who’s legs started to atrophy. He also started attacking other residents. So, they decided to throw him a ring. They also, against school policy, decided to throw the other kid in the ring as well. I say against school policy, because he hadn’t become violent. They also decided it was going to be a three house ring, on New Year’s eve 1997.

So, now I will describe the ring. Basically, someone who got a ring, would have to box another student put in against him. Each boxer was given headgear and gloves (women got chest protectors). It was called the ring, because the other students would make a circle of bodies to form “the Ring.” During the match, they would also scream expletives and any other degrading thing we thought of at the person in the ring. The catch was that a new, fresh student would come in each round, until the person had the living shit kicked out of them. After the ring was done, we did what was called a general meeting. The person getting the general meeting, in this case, also the person who was put in the ring, would have a broomstick put in front of them. That would act as the line. Then the whole entire house would crowd up there and scream at the person anything they wanted. Usually it was expletive laced and demeaning. If it was a girl she would usually be called a cunt and a slut and whatever else. If it was a guy, people would be screaming about what a fucking pussy you were and what not. People would be basically spitting on you from yelling. You had to just stand there and wait until all 55 people were done.

So, now I will go to the 3 house ring on new year’s eve. One guy, who was entering in my house had been brought to the school that day. He had absolutely no idea what was going on. He literally was taken in, given a delousing shower and given some clothes, just in time for us to march up to a three house ring. No one has explained what’s going on to him yet. They send the first kid in, the one who really didn’t deserve the ring. Not only did he not deserve it, but the school again broke policy and put him in with a guy 5″ taller and probably about 50 lbs heavier, all muscle I might add, who just happened to do kickboxing or regular boxing or something prior to whatever got him thrown in. In the first 20 seconds, the guy shattered his nose. There was blood pouring everywhere and it had splattered all over the people who made up the ring. The dude’s face and shirt were completely covered in blood. So, the ring ended, and we went to the general meeting portion. Someone had to come mop up the blood, so people didn’t slip. Also, since it was a three house, the general meeting was three times as many people. So, like 155 people. Screaming at this kid, soaked in blood. The look in his eyes haunted me for a long time. The second ring was not so eventful.

The worst part was the new guy had absolutely no idea what was going on. He was obviously terrified. Now, the most fucked up part in my mind is that the school was way worse in the 70’s and 80’s. They were fucking monsters back then.

Read a news article about the school mentioned here, Elan.


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