Rolling Thunder Wakes a Girl From a Coma

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Source: Mystics, Magicians, and Medicine People: Tales of a Wanderer, by Doug Boyd.

Rolling Thunder often repeated, “We do so many unnatural things, we don’t know what’s natural anymore.” One day he and I were sitting on the ground out in the desert … Suddenly he said, “You people don’t even know what a human being is! … You can look right at someone’s empty body and think that you’re lookin’ at the person when they’re not even there. Time and again, you people speed to the scene of an accident, pick up an empty body and take it down the highway at eighty miles an hour, leaving ht eperson miles behind, not knowing what the heck is going on!” …

As an example, he then described to me an episode in which he went into the hospital to assist a young lady—a friend of friends—who had been in a head-on collision and was a long time in a coma. “I agreed to go in there,” he said, “not knowin’ what I was gonna have to do, not understanding completely what was wrong with her. We went in during visiting hours, and I told one of my people to look up the hall and another to watch down the hall, ’cause I didn’t want some nurse or doctor walkin’ in on me. But the moment I took a good look at her body, I could see she wasn’t even there. I had to find her—go get her—and she was way out in the field where the car’d flipped over the cliff, and she was sittin’ on a rock. Her friend who was driving was killed. And this one sittin’ on the rock, she didn’t even know where she was. But, boy, she was determined to stay there. She was totally disoriented. I had to pull her, nearly force her back. Only time we can do that is when we know their own will isn’t working—otherwise we always leave it up to their own choice.

“Well, in the early days, most everyone could tell when a person wasn’t in their body. That was just natural to see that. That’s been lost now, mostly. Only thing I can say is, until he learn to understand these things, you should never, never move an unconscious body. Unconscious means the person is not in there. So treat the body on the scene and never, never move it. Not until you learn how. People can’t find their own way back to their body—not when they’ve been pulled loose that way by some accident or something. Time and time again, traumatized people get abandoned that way. Time and time again, people die in a coma because of that. You oughta put the cases together—figure it out for yourselves.”

Some time later, I happened to be talking with the person who had been watching down the hall. Somehow, the subject had come up, and when he learned that I knew about that particular event, he shared his own impression. He told me that he had been posted just inside the room to watch out through the doorway to his left, but as soon as he realized Rolling Thunder was sound asleep and snoring in the chair, he himself came in and sat down, seeing no purpose in his being a lookout. “But Rolling Thunder must have done something,” he said. “Maybe he does it in his sleep. Because when he woke up, she woke up. They opened their eyes at the same time. Rolling Thunder looked at her and she just looked at the ceiling.”

Occasionally I shared with others who knew Rolling Thunder this episode that he had shared with me. Once, when I had told the story to a group of friends in California, one of them spoke up in a surprised tone of voice. “I never heard it that way before. I never knew it. I knew her real well, but I never heard about that. But now it all makes sense. Let me tell you what she told me—because I talked to her, right there in the hospital, before she got out. She remembered the whole thing like a vivid dream—but only up to the part where Rolling Thunder came. She just said something pulled her away. She felt the impact of the crash and then she passed out, and she dreamed she was floating in the field—she and her friend. They saw the car upside down and smashed, but they couldn’t connect any meaning to it. They just floated through the field. It’s like people would walk on the moon, she told me. But then her friend went higher and higher and she couldn’t get up that high. So she called, ‘Wait for me,’ but her friend kept going up. And her friend said, ‘I can’t wait. You stay, I’m leaving.’ So she sat down on a rock, because she couldn’t follow, and she shouted out she would wait right there. The friend was almost out of sight and she called down, ‘Don’t wait for me. When I come back I will have changed my clothes, and you won’t even recognize me.’ She waited for a long, long time. She couldn’t figure out anything. The only thing in the world she knew was her friend and that rock she was sitting on. After a long time—she didn’t know how long—something pulled her off that rock. Something pulled her through space until she woke up from her dream.


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